Blockathon Global Tour

Blockathon is a competition that will bootstrap the cryptoeconomy in major centres around the World with the support of the leading projects in the Blockchain Ecosystem.

Blockchain | Crypto | Decentralization | Revolution

Next Stop, BEIJING.
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The biggest financial revolution of our lifetimes.

What is Blockathon?

Blockathon is a cryptoepic global competition that aims to tackle real world problems unleashing all the potential of Blockchain Technologies. It was designed especially for cypherpunks, hardcore developers, crypto investors, and all Blockchain pioneers that are creating the future.

Build Teams

Solve Problems

Win Cryptoprizes

The leading crypto projects.

Global Partners.

Blockathon is powered by a cryptoalliance between the leading global projects in the Blockchain landscape.

Olympus Labs

Tenzorum Project

Univerisity of New South Wales


For the pioneers.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technologies are a huge leap forward towards a fair digital world. Although extremely valuable financially, it became much more than digital money.
Community | Smart Contracts | Tokenization
We are creating the core enabling technology that will radically transform business and society! Together we will bootstrap the crypto economy!

Final stop: THE MOON.



25 to 27 of May

1,000+ Lines of Code per day
100+ Developers
10+ Awesome Blockchain Projects



Powered by the Blockchain.

Blockathon team.

Daniel Bar 丹尼尔
bitfwd Chairman

Moritz Neto 莫里茨
Crypto Growth Wizard

Tom Terado 汤姆
Community Manager

Mel Ran 冉玥
Head of Blockchain Partnerships

Fiona Tschaut
Community Evangelist

Bob Jiang
China Community Partner

Vincent Tran
Blockchain Engineer

Mark Liu
Blockchain Engineer


Application Process.

For each specific location there will be a dedicated application page. Refer to event link to every location that you are interest in joining.
If you need support, join bitfwd Telegram and ask admins your questions!

Fundamentals | Macros | Technical Analysis


Contribute to the Event!

Join the competition

Join Blockathon Global Tour.

Don't forget to join the Telegram group and that you must apply specifically for the event that you want to be part of.
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